Release year:
Produced By:  Mark Burchfield

This project was in the middle of production when my Mom passed away on November 12, 2009.  I lost my Dad two years previously.  I did not realize it at the time of putting songs together for this CD, but so many of them are about heaven and the hope that it offers.  Our lives are made of many bright mornings as well as many dark nights.  May heaven live in us until the eternal days when we shall live in perfect heaven!  ~ liner notes  

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1. The Meaning of Today
2. Shadows On the Grass
3. I No Longer Fear the Fight
4. Holy Spirit, Come
5. Look For Me
6. Hammer and Harmonica
7. Thornbird
8. His Crown For a Cross
9. Wings Medley
10. Christy's Cross
11. Keep a Candle Burning
12. Yellow  Watch the video on Youtube
13. Morning Medley


Release year:
Produced By:  Mark Pay & Paul White

I would have to say that this project has been in the works since the day I was born.  It would have taken on many different facets depending on the various choices I could have made through the years.  However, there was one determination that has given this project the best outcome of all, and that was the choice that I made at an early age to make God the Lord of my life.  I have questioned Truth many times since the, but with my heart always turning back to God, I couldn't help but fall in love with Him too much to go in any other direction.  I have also fallen in love with uncountable numbers of people who have laughed with me, listened to me, advised and counseled me, and given me mirror images of God's grace, love and understanding.  To my family who have been a part of this journey since day one, to my friends who have seen the pages of my "open-book" life unfold in so many different way, and especially to my friend for a lifetime, Jane Storella, who has walked beside me in the struggles and rejoiced with me in the triumphs, this project is a part of you and you are a part of this project.  I love you all very much and ask that you hang in there with me as my journey continues? ~ liner notes 

$2.00 shipping

Click on cover for audio sample on Youtube 



 1. Broken Bough
 2. Confusion
 3. The Dilemma
 4. The Other Side 
 5. Opportunity
 6. The Fall of the House of Usher  Watch the video on Youtube 
 7. Strength To Talk Away 
 8. One of Those Days 
 9. Dreams 
10. Where Is Your Heart Tonight?
11. One Man 
12. Closet of My Prayer 
13. Restore Me 
14. Freedom's Comin'

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